Shady Lawn Living Center - "It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This"
At Shady Lawn Living Center we pride ourselves on being the area's leading in-home nursing care provider. We are happy to be under the ownership of Andrew County, and we take it upon ourselves to make this a long-term care facility that the whole community can be proud to call their own.
Take A Look Inside!
We offer the very best and most compassionate care for our residents. It is our goal to improve the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness of our resident community. We take action steps every day to ensure that our goals are attained.
We provide a variety of services and employ experienced in-home care providers. This allows us to tailor programs specific to the needs of each resident.
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13277 State Route D
Savannah, MO 64485
(816) 324-5991/3556
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